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DAAC - Dhan Art And Culture DAAC - Dhan Art And Culture


Our Music is a Soul Music and It is Timeless

Dhan is a region which is located in the Northern Punjab, Pakistan. It is part of district Chakwal, Punjab. Dhan is rich in culture and arts. Here we promote its culture and arts and present events to the public.




Dhan, as enjoying the status of the heart and soul in the geographical division of Chakwal – a land of conquerors and martyrs, enlivens the veins of Chakwal with its culture. The ideology, dialect, way of living and culture of Dhan is unique. Dhan has also unique socio-political values. The identity of Dhan is established, strong and authentic in every respect throughout the country.

DAAC Music

The art of producing pleasing or expressive combinations of tones, especially with melody, rhythm, and usually harmony. : a musical composition set down on paper. bring your music. : sounds that have rhythm, harmony, and melody

Yahi Mera Taraf Hai | Qawal Arif Feroz Khan

Nabi Ay Aasra Kul Jahan Da | Violinist Raees Ahmad Khan

Shah-e-Madina Instrumental | (Clant) Ustad Iqbal Hussain

Tajdar-e-Haram on Clarinet (Clant) | Ustad Iqbal Hussain

Arif Feroz Qawal | Heart Touching Qawwali

Niyat e Shauq | Ustad Shafqat Ali khan

Nabi Ay Sajde Wich Te Kand Te Behta HUSSAN (A.S) Hain

Raag Gunkali (Part-2) | Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan


The Dhan culture is different from the culture of other areas. Culture is the pronouncement of civilizational values of a tribe or nation. The Dhan culture is replete with different hues of civilizational attitudes like hospitality, oxen race wearing of kurta and turban. The Dhan culture is the real and true face of the area.

The artists and men of letters are the assets of Dhan. The Dhan Arts is determined to bring into light the scattered and unpublished work of thousands of  isolated but real artists of the area. The Dhan arts integrates the different genres of fine arts. The cultural aspects are dominant in the lives of the natives of Dhan.

The Legends

Hamid Ali Khan

Classical Singer

Hussain Bakhsh Gullu

Classical Singer

Rafaqat Ali Khan

Classical Singer

Akbar Khan Khamiso

Alghoza player

Baqir Abbass

Flute Player

Arif feroz Khan


Ijaz Khan Jaji

Tabla Player

Iqbal Hussain

Clarinet Master


Syed Asad Ali Shah

Syed Asad Ali Shah ( Born – 1977) is a founder member of DAAC. He Belongs to Chakwal City, Punjab – Pakistan. He is the Chairman of DAAC. He is also Script writer and producer of the DAAC Music.

Danial Amjad

Danial Amjad ( Born – 1993) is an Executive Member of the DAAC. He Belongs to Chakwal City, Punjab – Pakistan. He is the Managing Director of the DAAC. His contribution towards DAAC is highly accomplished.

Mohsin Hassan Khan

Mohsin Hassan Khan ( Born – 1981) is a founder member of DAAC. He Belongs to Chakwal City, Pakistan. He is the Chief Executive Officer of DAAC. He is also Producer and Director of the DAAC Music.

About Us

DAAC was basically founded in 2017. It plans to cover all the aspects of arts and culture of the people of Dhan region.

Dhan basically a major part of North Punjab where a particular Punjabi language is spoken by the inhabitants. The entire Tehsil Chakwal is included in Dhan area.

DAAC has initiated to represent music and has been focusing on it. Famous artists belong to this field have visited DAAC and performed their art publicly. DAAC is promoting the writers, actors, poets and all branches of arts, through Live events, functions and then via YouTube Channel. DAAC consists of artists belong to all branches of art. DAAC represents and reflects the true culture of the people living in this area.

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